Dried bacon

The tasty side of the Gailtal Valley

Dried bacon from the Gailtal Valley, which has been awarded protected status by the EU, is characterised by its rich red colour and pure white fat. It has a salty, smokey taste combining herbs, brine and meat. The consistency is firm, yet the meat melts on the tongue.

Genuine Gailtaler Speck dried bacon is marked with either a green or a red symbol. The dried bacon produced by the valley's farmers carries the green symbol, guaranteeing that the entire production chain from the piglet through to the ripening process of the finished bacon meets the strictest standards. The red symbol is used for Gailtal Valley dried bacon from other meat manufacturers in the Gailtal Valley.

Producers of Gailtaler Speck dried bacon

AAG Erlebnisbauernhof GmbH
9632 Kirchbach 19
Tel. 0664 5213505
Web: www.gailtaler-mundart.at
Werner Baurecht, Reisach 29, A-9633 Reisach
E-mail: wernerbaurecht@live.at
EINETER family
Thomas Eineter, Katlingberg 1, A-9634 Gundersheim,
E-mail: eineter@aon.at,  Web: www.gailtalerspeck-katlinger.de.to
ESSL family
Roswitha u. Hermann Essl,, Stranig 11, A-9633 Reisach
Tel: +43 4284 435
E-mail: kanzianhof.essl@aon.at
JANK family
Albert and Anita Jank, Götzing 4, A-9624 Egg/Hermagor
Tel: +43 650 4282000
E-mail: albert.jank@gailtalerspeck.at
Familie JANK
Valentin Jank, Nampolach 4, A-9624 Egg/Hermagor
E-Mail: makula4@aon.at
Fleischerei KASTNER
Gottfried Kastner, Mauthen 286, A-9640 Kötschach/Mauthen
E-Mail: kastner@fleischer.at
OMAN family
Peter Oman, Eggforst 1, A-9620 Hermagor
E-mail: rauterbauer@aon.at
Emil Philippitsch, Jenig 2, A-9631 Jenig
E-mail: philippitsch.emil@utanet.at
Brunhilde Sagmeister, Jenig 10, A-9631 Jenig
E-mail: haussagmeister@aon.at
SCHAAR family
Franz und Christine Schaar, Rattendorf 11, A-9631 Jenig
Tel: +43 4285 504-0
Fax: +43 4285 504-6
E-mail: info@hansbauerhof.at, Web: www.hansbauerhof.at
Johann Schluder, Kreuth 10, A-9631 Jenig
E-mail: ferienwohnung@schluderhof-kreuth.at, Web: www.kreuth.at
SMOLE family
Maria-Elisabeth Smole, Schmölzing 11, 9623 St.Stefan
Tel. +43 650 74 13 250
E-mail: sonnenhof.smole@aon.at
STEINER family
Markus u. Anneliese Steiner, Lenzhof 2, A-9634 Gundersheim
Tel: +43 4718-20927
E-mail: steiner-lenzhof@aon.at
Hans Steinwender, Gut Lerchenhof, Untermöschach 8, A-9620 Hermagor
E-mail: info@lerchenhof.at, Web: www.lerchenhof.at
Erich Unterwelz, Leifling 6, A-9635 Dellach/Gail
E-mail: erich.unterwelz@aon.at