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Analogous reproduction of the position paper " Health Protection and Winter Tourism" – Concept of the Austrian Ski School Association

Mouth-nose protection must be worn for your own safety and for the safety of guests and staff. This also applies to employees who have contact with guests.

When entering public places, a distance of at least one metre must always be maintained between parents and other parents and between parents and staff as well as between persons who do not live in the same household, including other groups. The queuing areas are arranged in such a way that the prescribed distance can be maintained.

Mouth-nose protection must be worn if it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance of one metre, e.g. for absolutely necessary assistance during snow sports lessons or for assistance after a fall (to get up, etc.).

To make it easier to comply with the distance rule (1 metre minimum distance), the ski school association recommends choosing a manageable group size. The composition of the group at the beginning should be maintained thereafter.

The meeting places are as spacious as possible and course schedules are planned to avoid large group gatherings.

At the Nassfeld ski school offices, you will find trained staff who will be happy to answer your questions. You will recognise them as ”Nassfeld-BUDDIES". Get ready to be surprised!

If you don't have an MNS / mask with you, you can purchase an attractive “Nassfeld multifunctional cloth” for a symbolic euro at the ski rental. The original Nassfeld © Buff cloth is available for € 17.95 (RRP) Ask the Nassfeld Buddy at the ski rental!

Ski courses can be booked online at any time. You benefit from flexible cancellation policies up to 7 days prior to arrival.

Transportation by cable car facilities (cable cars, chair lifts, ...) is subject to the public transport regulations. It is therefore compulsory to wear mouth-nose protection suitable for winter sports - also in the ticket office, queuing area and in the cable car buildings. Please follow the signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

For safety reasons (Covid19 regulations), only half-day courses are offered. The kindergarten will not go into operation.

Mouth-nose protection must be worn for your own safety and for the safety of guests and staff. This also applies to snow sports instructors in contact with guests.

At children's adventure worlds, children are taught from toddler age - the distance here is automatically reduced. The snow sports instructors wear mouth-nose protection suitable for winter sports in order to be able to apply any protective measure as quickly as possible.

Employees of the ski schools are trained and instructed in corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Ski school equipment, aids, toys, etc. are disinfected and cleaned several times a day.

Snow sports instructors arriving from abroad must present a negative SARS-COV2 test to the ski school owner after entering the country. Regular SARS-COV2 testing of snow sports instructors and those employees who have contact with ski school guests is planned.

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