Leisure & Wellness

Buddy says:

  • Compulsory registration, testing & mask wearing
  • Limitation of the number of guests 
  • Minimum distance: 1 metres in all directions between loungers
  • Closing time: midnight
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory during massage treatments
  • Masks are mandatory for staff

Buddy says:

To be able to enter an indoor area, you need either:

  • a vaccination certificate
  • a valid negative test result (self-test: 24h, antigen test: 48h, PCR test: 72h)
  • a confirmation of having recovered from a Covid-19 infection


A rapid test should also be possible on site. In addition, you have to register with your name and contact details when entering. Here's a safe and easy way to the digital guest registration "myVisitPass". 

For museums, the 20-square-metre rule applies, but there is no compulsory testing & registration.

Buddy says:
No registration is required at attractions, leisure facilities and excursion destinations where the majority of the activities takes place outdoors (zoo and wildlife park, climbing forest, adventure park, etc.).

Buddy says:
Pools & spas as well as many other leisure facilities will reopen under the known conditions from 19 May 2021. Closing time is at midnight.

Buddy says:
No, you do not have to wear mouth-nose protection in wet rooms (indoor pool, shower etc.) and outdoors. FFP2 masks are compulsory in all other publicly accessible indoor areas of the spa or pool (e.g. changing rooms or entrance area).

Buddy says:
A distance of at least one metre in every direction must be kept in saunas & steam baths, incl. swimming pools, whirlpools. The distance rule does not apply to persons from the same household or travel group. Refrain from infusions and "waving" the towel. Saunas & steam baths are ventilated regularly.

Buddy says:
Yes, but when queuing, make sure there is a minimum distance of two metres (floor markings). For water slides, there is a minimum waiting time of 30 seconds to the person in front of you on the slide.

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