The good-hearted alpine hermit

The Almrausch is a mild-mannered and good-hearted character, but he also can be very formidable especially when villains like the Speckwutz and the Pramollo Wild Bunch disturb his peace.


He brews healing potions from herbs and roots. Lost souls or anyone in distress in the mountains can count on his help. Once he has done his duty, he mysteriously disappears again – without asking for a Thank You – into the world of the mountains… 




True is that his retreat is always surrounded by the animals of the mountains – like marmots and all kinds of birds. In the evening when he sits at his little campfire, the loyal animals gather around him and enjoy the warmth of the fire. It has been said that he can even talk to the animals and this is how he finds out what is going on in the mountains.

TIP: Visit the good-hearted Almrausch on his mountain playground at the Gartnerkofel and enjoy exciting adventures together with him! 

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