03 Southern Alpine Trail, E20: Naßfeld -Zollnersee Hütte

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  • 23.1 km
  • 9.3 h
  • 1529 nv
    Najniža točka
  • 1983 nv
    Najviša točka
  • 1304 nv
  • 1131 nv

03 Southern Alpine Trail, E20: Naßfeld -Zollnersee Hütte

We leave the well-known ski resort of Naßfeld via the Madritschen in a westerly direction to the Rudnigsattel in front of the 2280 m high Trogkofel, which would take an additional two hours to climb. Unlike the last few days, we are travelling on alpine terrain throughout. A trench from the First World War accompanies us on the Rattendorfer Schneid and a little caution is required on the steep slopes of the Trogkofel, the Ringmauer and the Findenigkofel. The landscape around the Zollnersee is impressively beautiful!
A detour to the Roßkofel 2240 m is recommended. Allow approx. 2 hours extra walking time.
Sturdy hiking boots, possibly hiking poles

Every rucksack should include: Rain, cold and sun protection, first aid kit, mobile phone (Euro emergency number 112), plenty of fluids, hiking map of the region.


Sonnenalpe Naßfeld (1552 m, K) - Rudnigsattel (1945 m, 5 km/2 ¼ hrs.) - Straniger Alm (1501 m, K, 10 km/4 hrs.) - Zollnersee Hütte (1736 m, K, 7 km/3 hrs.)

K = checkpoint (stamp point).

Trail 403, Via Alpina, 22 km/9 ¼ hours, medium tour.

Lokacija i dolazak

Regija Nassfeld-Pressegger See nalazi se u Koruškoj/ Austriji direktno na granci s Italijom.

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