03 Southern Alpine Trail, E21: Zollnersee Hütte - Valentinalm

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  • 17.5 km
  • 7.5 h
  • 1182 nv
    Najniža točka
  • 2156 nv
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03 Southern Alpine Trail, E21: Zollnersee Hütte - Valentinalm

We had a really nice evening at the Zollnerseehütte with Hanelore, the landlady. But today the serious side of life begins, at least for the next seven days here on the Carnic High Trail to Sillian. The Valentinalm not far from the Wurzenpass is our declared destination for today. But first we have to tackle the 2100 metre high Köderkopf. The name alone sounds somewhat martial and the many posts on its head confirm that things were not very nice here a hundred years ago. Today, apart from the Plöckenhaus inn, where apparently a peaceful meeting of hunters is taking place, we meet almost no one. Only from a distance do we see two creatures walking from Kronhofer Törl towards Bischofalm, in the opposite direction to us.
There is an open-air museum to visit on the Plöcken Pass.

Sturdy hiking boots, possibly hiking poles

Every rucksack should include: Rain, cold and sun protection, first aid kit, mobile phone (Euro emergency number 112), plenty of fluids, hiking map of the region.


Zollnersee Hütte (1736 m, K) - Köderkopf (2167 m, 8km, 3 ¾ hrs.) - Plöckenhaus (1244 m, 8 km/3 ¼ hrs.) - GH Valentinalm (1205 m, K, 2 km/½ hrs.)

K = checkpoint (stamp point).

Trail 403, Via Alpina, 18 km/7 ½ hours, medium tour.

Lokacija i dolazak

Regija Nassfeld-Pressegger See nalazi se u Koruškoj/ Austriji direktno na granci s Italijom.

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