Up the Kobesnock 1,820 m

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  • 12.9 km
  • 4.5 h
  • 1110 nv
    Najniža točka
  • 1820 nv
    Najviša točka
  • 710 nv
  • 710 nv

Up the Kobesnock 1,820 m

From the Windische Höhe, the tour alternates between steeper paths and wide forest tracks. The steepest part of the tour begins above the Wertschacher Alm (refreshment stop), interrupted by a short section of ridge, descending steeply to the south. At the summit with a beautiful summit cross, there is surprisingly plenty of space for a summit rest. Great views of the Dobratsch, the Bad Bleiberger Tal valley, the Drautal valley and the Gailtal valley.
Normal hiking equipment, sturdy shoes are recommended.


The trail begins to the east of the road at the end of the car park (yellow sign), initially moderately ascending, later somewhat steeper on a washed-out, trench-like path until you reach a forest path. Continue along this until after approx. 80 m a path branches off to the left, which after approx. 80 m leads back onto a forest path. Continue along this path until you reach a high seat on the right-hand side, with a large meadow on the left. Shortly after the high seat, a path begins (red-white-red markings, no. 288, follow the signposts). Follow the path, stay on the path when it turns right until it turns right again a little later and continues as a forest path. Follow the forest path, after a few metres it leads past a hunting lodge on the right. Stay on the path, after a while it turns left and then leads in several bends and curves to a path that branches off to the right in a left-hand bend (signposted). Follow the track until it meets a forest path again, which leads slightly downhill to the left to Wertschacher Alm. At the alpine pasture, a path branches off to the right, which you follow until it meets a forest path. Follow this until just before a cattle shed. Now ascend right across the meadow until you reach the path at the edge of the forest. Follow this steeply towards the summit, cross a short section of ridge and reach the summit cross after another short, steep climb.

The way back is via the same path as the ascent, there is an alternative at the Wertschacher Alm, here you can take the forest path on the right and save a few extra metres in altitude.

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Regija Nassfeld-Pressegger See nalazi se u Koruškoj/ Austriji direktno na granci s Italijom.

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