03 Southern Alpine Trail, E19: Dolinzaalm - Naßfeld

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  • 24.5 km
  • 7.5 h
  • 1343 nv
    Najniža točka
  • 1858 nv
    Najviša točka
  • 1296 nv
  • 1225 nv

03 Southern Alpine Trail, E19: Dolinzaalm - Naßfeld

It starts to get really beautiful on the Starhandsattel, and not just because of the view. The mountain pasture is dotted with alpine bushes and junipers. From the saddle we descend into the Kesselwaldgraben. We circle the Poludnig and reach the Eggeralmsee lake. A short stretch in Italy seems to be beyond the eternal hunting grounds and the Garnitzenalm with the Gartnerkofel in the background is a place of strength and tranquillity.
For current information on the Austrian long-distance hiking trails, see http://www.alpenverein.at/weitwanderer/
Sturdy hiking boots, possibly hiking poles

Every rucksack should include: Rain, cold and sun protection, first aid kit, mobile phone (Euro emergency number 112), plenty of fluids, hiking map of the region.


Dolinzaalm (1459 m, K) - Dellacher Alm (1362 m, 8 km/2 ½ hours) - Eggeralm (1422 m, K, 4 km/1 hour) - Sommeralpe Naßfeld (1552 m, K, 14 km/4 hours)

K = checkpoint (stamp point).

Trail 403, Via Alpina, 26 km/7 ½ hours in total, medium tour.

Lokacija i dolazak

Regija Nassfeld-Pressegger See nalazi se u Koruškoj/ Austriji direktno na granci s Italijom.

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