Madritschen - tour

Family adventure trail on the tracks of the old Madritsche stone people tribe

Here you help the stone people with the support of Madro, the stone boy, and his friend, Mitschi. The bad rowdies must be chased away – with skill and cleverness. The trail leads leisurely across terraced meadows and forest paths downhill to the valley.

Interesting stations along the Madritsche Tour

The tour starts at the upper terminus of the Madritschen chairlift. Several stations provide interesting facts about the Madritsche people; like how rowdies threaten the stone people or about cows as best friends of the Madritsche, and also how the kind stone people tribe can be saved together with Madro & Mitschi by turning the huge ancient rock. After that, a short hike takes you back to the lower terminus of the Madritschen chairlift.

The Madritschen Tour can be reached by the Millennium Express and/or the Madritschen chairlift. 
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(08/06/ - 29/09/2019)