Sustainability and carbon neutrality 

For several years now, the region encompassing the Nassfeld-Pressegger See, Lesachtal Valley and Weissensee areas has set out to make the living and recreational spaces a sustainable "world of good living” for locals and guests alike. Numerous measures that contribute to a resource-saving use of natural areas, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the achievement of the international sustainability goals of the UN as well as the "Green Deal Goals" of the EU have already been implemented.

Verified and awarded

Most sustainable tourism region in Austria

Who leads the way sustainably? WE, of course. The measures we have already implemented and our future concept have prompted the Ministry of Climate Protection and the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund - after an international jury decision - to award us the prize as "AUSTRIA'S MOST SUSTAINABLE TOURISM REGION". Now we are consistently pursuing the path we have taken within the framework of the Climate and Energy Model Region Tourism.

We are dependent on your help so that we can constantly improve our region:

GSTC certification

The region – including Tarvisio/Val Canale across the border - also underwent GSTC certification (GLOBAL STANDARDS FOR SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL AND TOURISM) according to the currently highest standards in the EU, and passed the certification very well. This makes us the first region in Austria to meet these standards, and the first cross-border destination in the world with this strictly controlled level of sustainability.

The path to achieving the goal will be continued step by step

To us, this is an incentive, but at the same time also a mandate to continue even more consistently on the path to carbon neutrality, taking into account ecological and economic aspects, supported by specific, measurable implementation measures. Primarily in the areas of energy management/efficiency, waste management, mobility, regional food sovereignty in our world's first Slow Food Travel Region, infrastructure, development of services, staff/employer quality and the preservation of a "world of good living” for locals and guests.


To us, acting sustainably does not mean a string of measures but ATTITUDE. We are all part of the habitat, of and with which we live. With the promotion of regional food sovereignty, the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, enforced energy efficiency or the expansion of adequate, sustainable mobility and renewable energy, as well as a conscious further development of the region, we primarily serve the people in the valleys, and thus contribute to securing their livelihood. Above all, also in terms of a future fit for our grandchildren. Enhancing the quality of life and leisure time benefits both locals and visitors, who - living in harmony - meet each other in a mutually appreciative way.

Did you know that ….

  • the greenhouse gas balance of skiing holidays is 20 kg CO2 emissions per person and day when travelling by train and 33 kg CO2 emissions per person and day when travelling by car? * In comparison: a flight to Spain emits approx. 136 kg CO2, a long-distance flight (e.g., to the Maldives) even approx. 426 CO2. ** Therefore, the choice of transport has the greatest influence on the greenhouse gas balance.  
  • the introduction of on-demand buses on less frequented bus routes has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%, without cutting services?

  • … Austria's first hybrid liner, the MS Alpenperle, operates on Lake Weissensee?
  • … our e-car sharing car FReD is used for driving an average of 22,000 km per year?
  • … Lesachtal breadmaking has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status?
  • … we are the first certified GSTC destination in Austria?
  •  … more than 185 roofs in our region are already equipped with subsidised PV systems? This results in an average output of 10.47 kWp/1,000 inhabitants.  

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The Nassfeld-Pressegger See holiday region lies in the Austrian province of Carinthia, directly next to the Italian border.

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