Nassfeld Singletrail - Snake

Stopień trudności: Trudna
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  • 0.2 h
    Czas trwania
  • 1613 vm
    Najniższy punkt
  • 1782 vm
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  • 0 vm
  • 168 vm

Nassfeld Singletrail - Snake

To get to the "Snake Trail", you start at the top station of the Madritschen chairlift and complete the first part of the "Livio Trail". The "Snake Trail" leads to the "Fausto Trail".
You must have driven it in the wet field.


Take the chairlift to the Madritsche mountain station.

The Snake starts at the upper part of the Livio, and is marked with black stamps. Over short steep curves and balancing passages as well as small wooden bridges, the descent is steep and technically demanding. Short and spectacular! The trail ends at the Fausto Trail.

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