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SPIRIT of Adventure & Aqua FUN

Family adventures – surprisingly diverse with "+CARD holiday"!

Simply immerse yourself - not only in Lake Pressegger See, with temperatures of up to 28° C, but also in Carinthia's world of adventure on the sunny southern side of the Alps. Surprisingly many inspirations for diverse and fascinating experiences between mountains and lake are waiting for holidaymakers of all ages: "In the realm of the wild bunch" at the Sonnenalpe, kids experience a smuggler's story with Speckwuz, Livo and Sigi, and enjoy the support of the clever foxes "Fix & Foxi". In the "Realm of the lake witch" at Lake Pressegger See, the lake witch emerges from the lake’s warm water. Instructions are provided in two comic books. Happy parents are not far away where children build dams, marvel at mill wheels and water fountains, or wade barefoot through the little stream. Cycling adventures, enjoying regional delicacies on the many alpine pastures and swimming in the lake .... Get ready to be surprised!

Adventures with Fix & Foxi and the Nassfeld legends: Comic books and nature playgrounds, Aqua Trail "BergWasser", Pendolino summer toboggan run, Carinthia’s 1st Adventure Park Pressegger See, rock labyrinth & Flying Fox mile

Price examples / family 2 adults + 1 child:

  • €590.00 (7 nights/apartment)
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A Nassfeld-Pressegger See üdülőrégió az ausztriai Karintiában fekszik, közvetlenül az olasz határ ​mellett.

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