Crystal-clear and turquoise-blue or emerald-green

The most beautiful mountain lakes in the World of Lakes

Crystal-clear, blue or green, and often quite cold: The mountain lakes in the World of Lakes are breathtakingly beautiful and a feast for the eyes. Jumping into the ice-cold water just might be a little too much of a good thing. However, dipping your toes in the water after a long hike in summer will be heavenly soothing and definitely refreshing.

To get to a higher elevation in the World of Mountains & Lakes, you can either take the cable car or lifts or walk all the way up from the valley. Sunshine and not a cloud in the sky: Those are usually the weather conditions that await you in the Gailtal, Carnic and Julian Alps. What’s more, impressive mountain ranges and stunning scenic views are the icing on the cake. Whether it’s at Lago di Pramollo, Lake Bodensee, Lake Zollnersee, Lake Wolayersee or Lake Grünsee near the Plöcken Pass: Carinthia isn’t stingy with superlatives when it comes to its mountain lakes.

The best routes to the crystal-clear bodies of water

A taste of paradise: the mountain lakes

Pristine lakes that boast a water quality that could hardly be better: Seven of those can be found in the World of Mountains & Lakes making it even more diverse and impressive. Because there’s nothing better than to take a little break at one of them during a hike or excursion. Watch the mountain tops reflected in the water gently tremble – and take a deep long breath!

Der Lago di Pramollo

A long time ago, this idyllic mountain lake at the Austrian-Italian border was a moorland at 1,500 metres above sea level. Now, Lago di Pramollo lies embedded between meadows, forests and countless summits. A beautiful hiking trail leads around the lake. In winter, it becomes a circular cross-country skiing trail.

lake Zollner See

You’re on your way to the Italian border either on foot or by bike? Then you should definitely visit Lake Zollnersee. The picturesque mountain lake is located in the western part of the Nassfeld region and can be easily reached by hikers. “Zollnersee Hütte” mountain hut, the Geo-Trail and its proximity to Italy make it a popular destination for a little excursion in the Alps.

lake Wolayer See

The mountain lake and the hut of the same name are located at 1,960 metres above sea level. It’s a true natural treasure that can be found right along the Carnic Peace Trail. The trail leads you to the lake – either from Kötschach-Mauthen (in the direction of the Plöcken Pass) via Valentintal Valley or from Lesachtal Valley with a stop at Hubertus Chapel. From the Italian side (starting point Plöcken Pass), you can reach this gem of a lake via the Refugio Marinelli.

Tip: Would you like to find out more about the Carnic Peace Trail? High up in the adventure region between Lake Wolayerse and Friuli, you’ll find the Carnic Milky Way. It connects various Gailtal and Italian pastures with each other in a star-constellation pattern. Get more information!

lake Grünsee

This tranquil mountain lake is located near Plöcken Pass. Well-signposted routes lead hikers around the lake which owes its name to its striking colour. It looks like a green emerald. Responsible for this effect are the minerals in the water. A unique sight to behold, which you should definitely see in person!

lake Bodensee

Along the Nassfeldstraße and about ten minutes east of it, you’ll find the little and big Lake Bodensee. A visit to the bigger lake is definitely well worth it – even if it’s just to get a holiday snapshot of its emerald-green waters and the tree trunks and logs scattered across the bottom of the lake.

laghi di Fusine

In German also known as “Weissenfelser Seen”, these two mountain lakes are located on Italian terrain in the Tarvisio region and lie – one above the other – on two terraces. Because of their fascinating play of colours, many visitors describe them as a unique place of power in the tri-border region of Austria, Slovenia and Italy.

lago del Predil

Lago del Predil is located in the neighbouring region of Travisio in Italy as well. If you’re travelling towards Sella Nevea (coming from Soča Valley), you’ll find this lustrously green lake embedded in the landscape.

Tip: The old fortress in immediate proximity of the lake is well-worth visiting, too.

You’re in the mood for even more experiences relating to the element of water? There’s a lot to discover in the World of Lakes!

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The Nassfeld-Pressegger See holiday region lies in the Austrian province of Carinthia, directly next to the Italian border.

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