Scenic golf pleasure at its best

Playing golf in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region

Golf holidays in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region are perfect for relaxing and being active in nature. Amidst the stunning Carnic and Gailtal Alps, a 17-hectare golf course with 18 holes impresses visitors with its breathtaking surrounding scenery. Playing golf between the mountains and lakes of Carinthia turns every holiday into an extraordinary experience …

The most beautiful golf course in the Carinthian adventure region

A golf course for champs: The 18-hole golf course in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region will have you perform at your best. After all, the 17-hectare course offers plenty of opportunities to work on your golf prowess. And the smaller six-hole scenic-view course is perfect for golf newbies.

In the World of Mountains & Lakes, both beginners and advanced golfers can spend a summer holiday that exceeds all expectations. The flat fairways and challenging greens of the golf club will make their hearts beat faster.

Nassfeld Golf course at a glance:

  • 18-hole championship course
  • 6-hole scenic-view course (par 3)
  • putting & chipping area
  • 270-m driving range
  • 1,000-m2 putting green
  • club house, restaurant and bar
  • golf school

On the well-kept greens surrounded by beautiful Alpine landscapes and thanks to the various offers on site, your day on the golf course is bound to become a resounding success.

A culinary hotspot at the golf course: A little snack before teeing off, between holes or after you’ve completed the course? Playing golf and culinary joys go hand in hand in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region. Stop by at the club house or visit the restaurant and its bar – and get a taste of what the region has to offer from a culinary standpoint!

Practicing the perfect swing: the golf school

Rookies on the green or old hands adding the finishing touches to their driving and putting technique: At the golf school in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region, golfers can finetune their skills under professional guidance. The putting and chipping area as well as the 270-square-metre diving range are the perfect location for practicing this one-of-a-kind sport.

“Immersing yourself in the beautiful mountain world of the region, without having to climb mountains: Playing golf in Carinthia combines the best of two worlds!”, affirms the head of the golf school.

What’s more: With the +CARD holiday, newbies without any previous experience can have their “first date” with the golf sport. And the best part is, both the lesson and renting the necessary equipment are free of charge!


Experience even more golf joy – with the +CARD holiday!

Getting to know the Nassfeld Golf course better: With the convenient advantage card, you’ll not only benefit from various included trial offers but also from discounted packages, for instance, for the green fee on the 18-hole championship course.

And the best part about this “nice surprise”: You’ll receive the +CARD holiday at reception upon arrival at your accommodation (as long as it’s one of our partner businesses)!

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Good to know:

tips and tricks for playing golf

A hole-in-one: That’s what every golfer hopes for. To make sure this incredible feat soon becomes a reality, we’ve summarised a few tips and tricks for your next round of golf:

The basics of every great swing: The fundamental skills you need for a golf swing have to become second nature. Important for this: the right setup and stance. Your feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart and your arms straight but relaxed. Your knees and hips should be bent in roughly the same angle – and don’t forget to keep your back straight!

Getting a grip and doing a drill: Your grip determines where your club face points the moment you hit the ball. To make sure your body moves the right way during the swing, there’s an easy drill you can do: Hold a club in each of your hands and then carry out the swing. Important: Both clubs should be parallel to each other during the swing.

With these tricks, you’ll definitely nail your next tee!

Location and how to find us

The Nassfeld-Pressegger See holiday region lies in the Austrian province of Carinthia, directly next to the Italian border.

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