HP4 - Radniger Alm

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  • 25.6 km
  • 2.5 óra
  • 593 szintkül.
    Legalacsonyabb pont
  • 1563 szintkül.
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  • 970 szintkül.
  • 970 szintkül.

HP4 - Radniger Alm

From Hermagor the route first follows the road up to Radnig. Past the natural swimming pool in Radnig and shortly afterwards onto the forest road to follow it to the Radnig alpine pasture. Departure on the same route. The tour is perfectly suited for E-MTB.
On a hot summer's day, the romantic natural swimming pool Radnig offers a direct jump into the cool water!
  • Helmet duty!!!!!!
  • Right clothing: Do not only adapt your clothing to the current weather conditions. Also pack warm clothing, a spare jersey and rain protection in summer, especially in the early and late seasons.
  • Emergency equipment: bandages, repair kit (spare hose, pump, tools), map, mobile phone and possibly GPS
  • ATTENTION: In the mountains reception is not guaranteed everywhere!
  • Take enough to drink with you and plan a stopover in good time


KM 0 from TVB Hermagor approx. 100 metres to the north

KM 0.1 Turn right (cycle path R3B)

KM 0.3 The climb up to Radnig begins at the junction of Villacher Strasse and Egger Strasse in Hermagor

KM 0.7 Straight on towards Radnig

KM 2.1 straight ahead

KM 2.3 straight ahead

KM 2.8 Turn left towards the Radnig natural swimming pool

KM 2.9 Natural swimming pool - straight on

KM 3.2 Start of gravel road straight on, always along the main route to the Radniger Alm

KM 9.3 Turn right - continue along the main road

KM 10.7 Turn right - continue along the main road

KM 11.2 Keep left - continue along the main road

KM 12.6 Continue right to the Radniger Alm

KM 12.8 Radniger Alm

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