Water adventure trail around Rattendorf

Nehézségi fokozat: könnyű
  • 5 km
  • 1.5 óra
  • 596 szintkül.
    Legalacsonyabb pont
  • 655 szintkül.
    Legmagasabb pont
  • 65 szintkül.
  • 74 szintkül.
The energy of water characterises the landscape.
Hiking boots are not required and most of the trail is also suitable for pushchairs.


The starting point is south of the Gail bridge in Rattendorf (the railway station is north of the Gail bridge), where there is also a rest area. We first walk eastwards along the so-called Zerimbach. Information boards explain the construction measures and provide information about the wildlife in the region. These accompany us all the way. The elemental force of the water is emphasised by the bent bridge girders. The Doberbach is often dry in summer. Rare plants, typical of dry grassland, grow by the wayside and in the meadows. The small military cemetery is a reminder of the First World War and the Carnic front. We walk clockwise along the edge of the forest at the foot of the mountain, then across a meadow and pass the remains of the so-called Heidenmauer, which was a Roman barrier. We look into the upper Gailtal valley over an artificial pond, where ducks are often to be found. We return to the starting point with a beautiful view over Rattendorf.

Fekvés és megközelítés

A Nassfeld-Pressegger See üdülőrégió az ausztriai Karintiában fekszik, közvetlenül az olasz határ ​mellett.

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