Ascent from the lower Bischofalm to the Zollnersee hut

Nehézségi fokozat: könnyű
  • 2.9 km
  • 2 óra
  • 1181 szintkül.
    Legalacsonyabb pont
  • 1763 szintkül.
    Legmagasabb pont
  • 586 szintkül.
  • 26 szintkül.

Ascent from the lower Bischofalm to the Zollnersee hut

The hike is not technically difficult and not particularly demanding in terms of fitness. But the landscape along the hike is very beautiful, the highlight is definitely the picturesque Zollnersee lake not far from the hut. If you have strong calves, you can cycle from the Untere Bischofalm along the tractor track to the Obere Bischofalm and either leave your mountain bike there and continue on foot to the Zollnersee hut, or cycle via the Rosseralm on the track to the hut. The tractor track between Unterer and Oberer Bischofalm is otherwise only accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles.
The Bischofalm produces excellent cheese that you shouldn't miss out on.
Normal hiking equipment including sturdy hiking boots, first aid kit and weatherproof clothing.


From the Untere Bischofalm (1181m), follow the hiking trail through the forest up to the Obere Bischofalm (1573). At the Alm, follow the road to the left until the first bend and leave the road there. The hiking trail continues straight ahead uphill through a wooded area. After a short ascent of approx. 100 metres, you reach a wide meadow with the Zollnersee hut already in sight. You cross the meadow and reach the hut (1750m) and the peace chapel next to it.

Fekvés és megközelítés

A Nassfeld-Pressegger See üdülőrégió az ausztriai Karintiában fekszik, közvetlenül az olasz határ ​mellett.

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