K2 - Jochalm Runde

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  • 18.3 km
  • 2.5 óra
  • 649 szintkül.
    Legalacsonyabb pont
  • 1557 szintkül.
    Legmagasabb pont
  • 908 szintkül.
  • 908 szintkül.

K2 - Jochalm Runde

From Reisach follow the asphalt side road uphill through the villages of Unter- and Oberforst. After about 2.5 kilometres the compact gravel path begins, which leads to the Jochalm. In a westerly direction the descent on the gravel road to the Reißkofelbad takes place. From here, continue downhill on the asphalt road to the starting point. Perfectly suited for E-MTB.

Variant: the circuit can also be driven in the opposite direction

Refreshment on the Reisacher Jochalm, a member alpine pasture of the Gailtaler Almkäsereien.
  • Helmet duty!!!!!!
  • Right clothing: Do not only adapt your clothing to the current weather conditions. Also pack warm clothing, a spare jersey and rain protection in summer, especially in the early and late seasons.
  • Emergency equipment: bandages, repair kit (spare hose, pump, tools), map, mobile phone and possibly GPS
  • ATTENTION: In the mountains reception is not guaranteed everywhere!
  • Take enough to drink with you and plan a stopover in good time

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