Geotrail Passo Pramollo - Nassfeld

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Geotrail Passo Pramollo - Nassfeld

A journey through the forests and low seas of the Late Carboniferous

The Pramollo-Nassfeld cross-border Geotrail allows observing in detail the sedimentary rocks deposited at the end of the Carboniferous, the penultimate period of the Paleozoic Era. The Pramollo section, located between the Italian and Austrian border, is internationally known for its sedimentary rocks rich in marine and continental fossils. They testify to the changes that took place in this area, which was cyclically turned from a marine to a coastal environment and then to a deltaic one. This was due to the periodic rise and lowering of the sea level regulated by an ancient glaciation.

The fossil remains of plants (such as huge tree ferns) that formed extensive forests (whose accumulations also generated small coal deposits exploited in the past), the footprints of large amphibians and even the records of terrestrial arthropods such as scorpions, are unique in the world.

The Cross-border Geotrail includes ten Geostops, which are observation points from which it is possible to briefly retrace the ancient history of the Pramollo section: its rocky succession, called Permo-Carboniferous Pontebbano, was deposited between 310 and 275 million years ago, after the end of the Ercinic (or Variscan) orogeny.

Hiking clothing

Mountain boots

Wind and rain protection

snack and drinks

valid passport, if it goes over the national border

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La destinazione turistica di Nassfeld
Pressegger See si trova in Carinzia/Austria,
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