6 mountain passes tour

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6 mountain passes tour

Nassfeld-Pass, Lanzen-Pass, Passo del Pura, Sella di Razzo, Sella del Monte Zoncolan and Plöckenpass await you on this demanding route through the Carnic Alps. Nearly 6,000 meters of altitude are to overcome and with the Lanzen Pass and the Sella del Monte Zoncolan pass you ride passes, which were only recently paved on both sides for the first time. So you can really speak of real insider tips!


From Kötschach-Mauthen away, we warm up through the Upper Gail Valley to Tröpolach, the valley of Carinthia's largest alpine ski resort Nassfeld. The ride over that Nassfeld-Pass (Passo Promollo) is also part of the Carnic Dolomite Road which we leave at Pontebba. Pontebba is already in Italy (Region Friuli Venezia Giulia) and there you can find on the bridge over the Pontebbana the Myriameterstein. This boundary stone marked from 1866-1918 the former border between Austria and Italy. Pontebba was divided into two parts: the Austrian Pontafel and the Italian Pontebba. In direction north-west it goes now to Studena alta and always along the Wilbach Pontebbana on the 1,552 high located Lanzenpass. The last few kilometers up to the pass were recently paved, mainly because of the Giro d'Italia cycling tour. So this pass is still relatively new territory for motorcyclists and road cyclists - a real insider tip! At the top of the pass there are pastures and alpine dairies and there is also an alpine hut with local cuisine. The further downhill to the village of Paularo is very steep and winding. From Paularo we head south to Tolmezzo, the capital of the historic Carina region, a community of 28 surrounding communities. Tolmezzo is located on the Tagliamento, which is together with the Isonzo the most famous river in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Lignano the Tagliamento flows in the Adriatic Sea. From Tolmezzo continue west to Villa Santina and then turn west towards Passo della Mauria. However, this pass is not on our route, as we branch off a few km to Ampezzo north towards Passo del Pura (1,428 m) and then continue to the Lago di Sauris resp. the villages Sauris di sotto and Sauris di sopra. Sauris (in German "Zahre") is a small German language island with about 400 inhabitants, where even today "Zahrisch", a dialect influenced by Pustertal elements, is spoken. Sauris is also known for its exclusive and exquisite Prosciutto, which owes its mild taste to the exclusive smoking of beechwood.

From Sauris we continue to the fourth and with 1,739 m highest pass of this tour: the Sella di Razzo. A few kilometers we are here in the Italian region of Veneto before we drive over the Val Pesarina, one of the seven Carina valleys back to the east. This narrow valley is characterized by dense forest and very long straights. At Comeglians we reach the Val Degano and turn right, so south towards Ovaro. Here begins the driveway on the - especially among cycling fans well known - Sella del Monte Zoncolan. The Zoncolan gained fame because it is one of the steepest mountains in professional cycling and time and again stage destination at the Giro d'Italia. In almost every corner, therefore, former cycling heroes are immortalized on display boards. Where roadcyclists are also motorcyclists and thus these two groups also share this mountain road. At the pass of Zoncolan on about 1,700 meters altitude there is a small ski area with some good rest stops. Then it goes down to the valley to Sutrio, one of the oldest settlements in Carnia and we are back there again on the Carnic Dolomite Road. To the north it goes to the Plöckenpass where again the border to Austria / Carinthia is crossed. There is an open-air museum near the Plöckenpass, which illustrates the fortifications of the First World War. In the valley and destination of this tour, in Kötschach-Mauthen you can find the museum 1915-1918, operated by the Association of Friends of the Dolomites.

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