Achomitzer Berg 1815 m in the Gailtal (2)

Stupeň obtížnosti: lehké
  • 5 km
  • 1.3 h
    doba trvání
  • 1616 m převýšení
    Nejnižší bod
  • 1815 m převýšení
    Nejvyšší bod
  • 420 m převýšení
  • 420 m převýšení

Achomitzer Berg 1815 m in the Gailtal (2)

From the car park at the Feistritzer Alm, hike south on trail 403 uphill to the Maria Schnee chapel, climb downhill to the Sella Pleccia, then uphill again to the Malga Acomizza mountain pasture and to the summit of the Achomitzer Berg with rewarding views of the nearby Mangart. We almost always hike along or close to the border with Italy. On the way back, which is identical to the ascent route, we make a detour to Italy, namely to the nearby Gozman, the Oisternig and the Feistritzer Alm directly opposite.

This extremely short tour can be combined with the other short tour Oisternig (1) with the same starting point.


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Hiking equipment.


Route description: See also the detailed "Time-path diagram in the picture gallery".

HIKE UP: From the Feistritzer Alm at the Sella Bistrizza board at 1720 m slightly uphill to the Maria Scgnee chapel at 1750 m, with beautiful views. Then downhill, partly in the high forest to the Sella Pleccia saddle at 1616 m with a signpost. Now we climb up to Achomitzer Alm 1712 m and over the grassy ridge up to Achomitzer Berg 1815 m. Small crooked summit cross, but great view of the Julian Alps with Montasch, Wischberg and Mangart, all around 2700m high. 235 metres of ascent and a brisk 35-minute walk.

TRANSITION and DESCENT: Follow the same route back to the Maria Schnee chapel at 1750 m and then continue without a path to the nearby Gozmann at 1795 m with the best views of the Feistritz Alpine pastures and the Osternig. Steep, pathless descent directly to the mountain pasture where our car is parked. 185 metres in altitude and 3/4 hours.

In total: 420 metres in altitude and a good 1 1/4 hours at a brisk pace.

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