I1 - Dolinza Alm – Malga Priu Runde

Stupeň obtížnosti: střední
  • 51.3 km
  • 8 h
    doba trvání
  • 559 m převýšení
    Nejnižší bod
  • 1495 m převýšení
    Nejvyšší bod
  • 2282 m převýšení
  • 2282 m převýšení

I1 - Dolinza Alm – Malga Priu Runde

From the Vorderberg adventure natural swimming pool, the trail continues steadily uphill past the Koutschitzalm to the Dolinzaalm. Immediately after the Dolinzaalm you cross the border to Italy and descend towards Ugovizza. At an altitude of about 1,100 metres above sea level, turn right to the Rifugio Gortani, then follow the ascent to Malga Priu. The beautifully situated, rustic alpine hut is a good place to stop for a bite to eat. From here, you go back a small part of the way and then ascend another 230 metres to the highest point of the day. Now follows the long descent to Malborghetto. On the Ciclovia cycle path you then head east to Ugovizza, where the climb back towards Dolinzaalm begins. From the Dolinzaalm you follow the well-known path back to the starting point. Especially the steep ascent to the Dolinzaalm becomes a pure pleasure with the E-MTB.

HIGHLIGHT: just above Malborghetto, at KM 28, you will find a small park that invites you to take an extended break

In summer, the alpine pasture offers wonderful, regional delicacies - an ideal refreshment!
  • Helmet duty!!!!!!
  • Right clothing: Do not only adapt your clothing to the current weather conditions.
  • Also pack warm clothing, a spare jersey and rain protection in summer, especially in the early and late seasons.
  • Emergency equipment: bandages, repair kit (spare hose, pump, tools), map, mobile phone and possibly GPS
  • ATTENTION: In the mountains reception is not guaranteed everywhere!
  • Take enough to drink with you and plan a stopover in good time


KM 0.5 Right over bridge

KM 0.6 after the bridge left

KM 1.4 Turn right towards Koutschitzalm and follow the road uphill

KM 5.7 Koutschitzalm - straight on

KM 6.1 Turn left towards Dolinzaalm - a short stretch of gravel, then a very steep asphalt road up to the alpine pasture.

KM 9.8 Immediately after the Alpengasthof Starhand, turn right across the meadow to the national border

KM 10.0 After the border, bear right (downhill)

KM 10.4 Rifugio Nordio - straight on

KM 12.2 Car park - straight on downhill

KM 13.6 Turn right across the stream and continue uphill for a short distance on a very steep cart track. Carry straight on until you reach another stream crossing - turn left here - the road flattens out again

KM 14.9 Rifugio Gortani - straight on

KM 15.0 Keep left KM 15.2 Turn right - asphalt road slightly uphill

KM 15.5 Turn left onto a gravel road and follow it uphill to Malga Priu

KM 17.0 in the right-hand bend at an altitude of approx. 1,230m above sea level, straight on to Malga Priu

KM 17.5 Malga Priu - back to the bend at 1,230m

KM 18.0 Bend at 1,230 metres - turn left uphill to an altitude of 1,500 metres - stay on the main road

KM 21.1 The descent to Malborghetto begins here - always stay on the main road

KM 28.8 Malborghetto - take the second right

KM 29.2 Turn left and, shortly afterwards, cross the main road

KM 29.4 Turn left and follow the narrow road to the cycle path

KM 30.1 360-degree loop up to the Ciclovia cycle path - follow this to Camporosso

KM 31.9 Turn off the cycle path and enter the town of Ugovizza (left)

KM 32.1 Cross the main road

KM 32.2 Carry straight on and follow the asphalt road into Val di Ugovizza

KM 39 Keep left at the car park - change to gravel road

KM 40.8 Rifugio Nordio - further uphill

KM 41.2 Border with Austria - on to the Dolinzaalm and back to your starting point along the familiar route

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