Familien-Strandbad Süd „Passriach-Samerhof“

Idyllic location with magnificent views

Visitors to the Strandbad Passriach lido can enjoy front-row seats to a fantastic mountain panorama on the shores of Pressegger See. The small sunbathing area to the south of the lake is ideal for families with children. A must-see highlight at the end of a summer's day is the experience of watching the sun slowly set behind the Gailtal Valley mountains.


  • 100 m2 "Sunbathing Pier" directly at the water
  • safe children's pool and water games circular route
  • natural shade due to 300 noble trees
  • naturist area

Insider tip for a spectacular sunset

The Strandbad Passriach on the southern shore of the lake is famous for its spectacular sunset views. As the day draws to a close, tourists and locals alike gather on the terrace of the lakeside restaurant to enjoy the spectacular hues of red, purple and orange as the sun disappears.