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The Carnic Milky Way - Carnic high path "east"

For this package, our cooperation partner Trails Angels from https://www.bookyourtrail.com/ come into force as the organizer.

Karnischer Höhenweg - The Carnic Milky Way

A new long-distance hiking trail through the wonder world from cheese alps protected by rugged battlements in the Carnic Alps from Thörl-Maglern to Birnbaum in Lesachtal. It combines the best of the famous Carnic high-altitude trail with newly developed “constellation” hikes that cover all the wonderful stories about the alpine pastures, mountains and people - the home of the famous Gailtaler Almkäse PDO. - tell. The Carnic High Trail, so to speak, can be experienced anew! This is how the famous long distance hiking trail becomes the Carnic Milky Way - hiking in new dimensions!

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