D1 - Jaukenalm

Livello di difficoltà: Difficile
  • 12.3 km
  • 4.2 h
  • 694 hm
    Punto più basso
  • 1879 hm
    Punto più alto
  • 1267 hm
  • 84 hm

D1 - Jaukenalm

The tour over the Goldberg to the Jaukenalm has a special flair. The gradient is over 13 km almost evenly around 10%. The path meanders along the southern side of the mountain until above the tree line and already from the valley you can see the lush green of the "Jauken".

After only a few kilometres the tour leads over the Goldberg, whose name refers to the mining industry.

The Jaukenalm is a sporting challenge for bikers. It is situated high above the valley in a privileged location in the midst of a hilly alpine landscape. From the Jauken you can see the bizarre mountain ranges of the Carnic Alps in the south, which offer many biking tours. A connection to the northern Drau Valley is unfortunately not possible by mountain bike. The return journey is along the same route to St. Daniel.

Passable during the alpine pasture management time (with open barrier at Goldberg)!

  • Helmet duty!!!!!!
  • Right clothing: Do not only adapt your clothing to the current weather conditions. Also pack warm clothing, a spare jersey and rain protection in summer, especially in the early and late seasons.
  • Emergency equipment: bandages, repair kit (spare hose, pump, tools), map, mobile phone and possibly GPS
  • ATTENTION: In the mountains reception is not guaranteed everywhere!
  • Take enough to drink with you and plan a stopover in good time

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