Percorso naturalistico & sentiero d'avventura acquatica Rattendorf

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  • 4.3 km
  • 1.8 h
  • 596 hm
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  • 91 hm
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Percorso naturalistico & sentiero d'avventura acquatica Rattendorf

The nature trail

The nature trail should encourage visitors to take a closer look at the region's cultural landscape, especially in its context as a diverse habitat for a large number of animals and plants. Educational boards should therefore provide information about nature and the environment in a descriptive way, and they should educate about processes, life situations and life possibilities in nature. The purpose of the nature trail Rattendorf is to impart and expand knowledge for young and old, to connect with the experience of nature, as well as to recreate and strengthen environmental awareness.

The water adventure trail

On the one hand, the visitor will be shown the dangers caused by the flood and the flood protection measures implemented for this reason. On the other hand, the existing habitats in the area of Rattendorf and the beneficial use of the water are explained on the basis of seven panels and countless signs. The adventure trail is supplemented by several branch paths leading to the Gail, to a barrier of the torrent and avalanche control at the Doberbach and to a fish farm, among others.

Rucksacks can be packed individually, but the following items are necessary!

- Sturdy hiking or mountain boots, packed lunch/snacks, beverages, rainwear, headwear, sun screen, warm jacket, hiking stick

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