Nassfeld History Mile

A journey through time into the fascinating history of this border region

The Nassfeld Church and the Nassfeld Road celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2016 – a reason to remember the region’s past in a special way in form of a History Mile. Weapons are part of human history, used here already 9000 years ago – for hunting. The history of weapons stretches here from the hunting instruments of the Stone Age to the 30.5 cm mortars used in WWI. 


The hiking tour leads from the state border to the Watschiger Alm and back via the sulphur spring. Visitors will learn about the region’s botanical and geological characteristics as well as its historic milestones with WWI as main topic. It is a thought-provoking route and should remind us to be grateful for a united Europe. The Nassfeld Church – built during the war – became a symbol of the understanding between nations and living together in peace and is also an important mission for the future.


Waypoints of the History Mile: 

  1. Nassfeld border crossing
  2. Stone Age hunting site
  3. The Iron Wulfenia as a friendship memorial
  4. The course of the border between Austria and Italy after WWI
  5. The Nassfeld Church
  6. Trenches as reminder
  7. Narrations of a border stone
  8. Weapons roared
  9. The first Nassfeld hut of the Alpine Association
  10. Stony reminders along the Watschigeralm Road
  11. The second Nassfeld hut of the Alpine Association
  12. The Austrian military camp below the Auernig
  13. The Wulfenia
  14. Imperial and royal soldiers on the Watschiger Alm
  15. Construction of the Nassfeld Road during WWI
  16. The sulphur spring