HP7 "Lift & Bike Giro" - Madritschen Tour

Stupeň obtížnosti: střední
  • 22.1 km
  • 1.1 h
    doba trvání
  • 599 m převýšení
    Nejnižší bod
  • 1901 m převýšení
    Nejvyšší bod
  • 72 m převýšení
  • 1352 m převýšení

HP7 "Lift & Bike Giro" - Madritschen Tour

This adventure starts at the valley station of the Millennium Express in Tröpolach. A leisurely ride, including bicycle, to the top station on the Tressdorfer Alm, and optionally on to the highest point of the tour, the Madritsche. At the top there are 11.7 kilometres between you and the valley. The route downhill leads mostly over gravel and requires a good deal of fitness - especially in the upper arms. On the way through the Carnic Alps you will pass impressive rock formations and the typical flora and fauna of the region, i.e. the panorama that previously caused amazement from the valley.
Don't race downhill, but enjoy the landscape that surrounds you and consciously perceive the environment, the pure mountain air and the flora and fauna! There is certainly still time for a stop at the Rudnigalm - Gailtaler Almkäse, buttermilk, yoghurt, Scots and of course Brettljausn are waiting for hungry bikers!
  • Helmet duty!!!!!!
  • Right clothing: Do not only adapt your clothing to the current weather conditions. Also pack warm clothing, a spare jersey and rain protection in summer, especially in the early and late seasons.
  • Emergency equipment: bandages, repair kit (spare hose, pump, tools), map, mobile phone and possibly GPS
  • ATTENTION: In the mountains reception is not guaranteed everywhere!
  • Take enough to drink with you and plan a stopover in good time


From the Tressdorfer Alm, a mountain path leads uphill to the Madritsche, the highest point of the tour. From there, the Lift & Bike Giro runs downhill throughout, past the Rudnigalm, via Tomritsch and the Carnia downhill run to the first intermediate station of the Millennium-Express, Gmanberg. From here, the last meters of altitude difference are downhill to the exit point and parking lot.

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