Ascent from Weidenburg to the Zollnersee Hütte

Stupeň obtížnosti: střední
  • 7.9 km
  • 4 h
    doba trvání
  • 683 m převýšení
    Nejnižší bod
  • 1763 m převýšení
    Nejvyšší bod
  • 1079 m převýšení
  • 25 m převýšení

Ascent from Weidenburg to the Zollnersee Hütte

The castle ruins are the first highlight at the start. The route then follows a somewhat monotonous but nevertheless scenic forest road to the lower Bischofalm. Excellent cheese is produced there, which you shouldn't miss out on. Further on, you hike along a path to the Obere Bischofalm and can enjoy the beautiful alpine landscape there. The Zollnersee is not directly on the trail, but a detour from the Zollnersee Hütte to the lake is highly recommended.

Alternatively, you can cycle to the Bischofalm on a mountain bike (the best place to start is at the Kronhof just above Weidenburg). You can leave your bike at the hut or cycle along the tractor track up to the Obere Bischofalm. Here again: leave your bike or take the track to the Rosseralm and on to the Zollnersee Hütte.


There are several places of interest in Weidenburg:

  • Weidenburg Castle at the starting point of the hike
  • The Weidenburg waterfall in the Kronhofgraben. The path to the waterfall also begins at the starting point, but is a "one-way street", so to speak.
  • The ruins of Weidenburg Castle lie along the way. The overgrown ruins are a little adventure to discover, especially for children.
Normal hiking equipment including sturdy hiking boots, first aid kit and weatherproof clothing.


At Weidenburg Castle (683m), follow the path to the castle ruins and on to the Kronhof (895m). From there, follow the forest road into the valley and soon afterwards meet the wide road that also leads from the Kronhof to the Bischofalm. At the Untere Bischofalm (1181m), follow the hiking trail through the forest up to the Obere Bischofalm (1573m). At the hut, follow the road to the left until you reach the first bend. After about 100 metres of ascent, you will reach a wide meadow plateau and can already see the Zollnersee Hütte (1750m) and the Friedenskapelle chapel on the other side.

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