Friedl Kolar
Snowboarder | Shred School founder at Nassfeld

He won a medal in the halfpipe for Austria as vice-European-champion and founded the ”Shred School" at Nassfeld, a “Freestyle Snow Park" for children and young people.

The career highlights of Gerfried Kolar, who grew up at Lake Ossiach, were surely the ranking as Air&Style finalist and eight years in the World Cup circuit. Apart from competitions, it was always the time he spent with his friends in the mountains that shaped him. The innate love for water, whether frozen or not, is also reflected in his surfing holidays which – if he has the time – spends at the best spots in the world. He is now also a teacher at the new secondary school in Arnoldstein where he teaches English and physical education. Apart from investing much lifeblood in his lessons (he added “Cool Sports” as optional subject to the programme of the NMS Arnoldstein pupils), he is also the mastermind behind the “Shred School". Aim of this project is to get children and young people interested in the freestyle sport.

Nassfeld is the perfect area for Friedl Kolar to realise the project. Of course, this is also down to the support by the ski resort and Klaus Herzog, who has been intensively promoting snowboard sport for decades already. Thus, it was possible to establish a permanent snow park for beginners and the advanced in winter, making the Shred School a firm part of the winter season. Kolar‘s knowledge of the requirements for the infrastructure of a snow park has also been utilised by Capita, an international manufacturer of snowboards. A small park was built in Feistritz/Hrast when a production site was established there. Responsible for planning and realisation of the park were the two Carinthian snowboard legends Friedl Kolar and Klaus Hofmeister. No other snowboard production site in the world has its own test area directly at the front door.

Snowpark Nassfeld


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"The innate love for water, whether frozen or not..."

Nassfeld ski area

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