Andrea and Herwig Ronacher
Architekten Ronacher ZT GmbH | Hermagor

Wooden structures, solar architecture and ecology - Herwig and Andrea Ronacher have always been ahead of their time.

Their work expresses pure passion for the architects‘ trade and can be placed between the poles tradition and modernity. Ecological building – especially with wood, building biology and energy-conscious building have always been the central elements of their work. To this day, they have realised 450 projects – from family home to public buildings, residential buildings and tourism buildings to hospitals.

"The infinity pool at the Feuerberg was completed in the tenth construction phase after ten years."

Having worked as architects in Hermagor for three decades, they opened a construction management office in Annenheim together with GF DI (FH) Thomas Freunschlag in 2015. Their fundamental concern is to realise holistic design in architecture and to make it visible. For them, this includes the careful examination of traditional forms while also looking for new possibilities to find simple and clear solutions that are based on the logic of the function as well as on the scenic and structural environment.

"The branch office of the Ronacher architects, managed by DI (FH) Thomas Freunschlag, with six holiday apartments in Annenheim"

The Ronacher architects express themselves artistically but do not follow superficial fashions. Their motto is: “Architecture must serve humans first and foremost, and must not be an end in itself despite the highest of requirements." In their book “Die Mitte und das Ganze", they explain their philosophy based on 5 aspects and five elements for good building work: aesthetics, function, technique, economy, ecology – these have a mutual effect on each other. A building becomes a liveable space for humans when all aspects of building work are viewed from a holistic point of view. This is what the Ronacher architects strive for – the quest for the middle of architecture. 

"Tenth construction phase of the Biohotel "der daberer". New wellness wing with swimming pond (3D-rendering)."

Both can now look back to 30 years of working together. Unusual is that they have been taking care of so many businesses, especially in the tourist industry, exclusively for many years, in some cases even over 25 years (like the Biohotel „der daberer", the Feuerberg Mountain Resort, the Ramsi Children’s Hotel, Hotel Seerose and many more), even though these businesses are often run by the next generation already.
Erwin Berger, owner and operator of the Feuerberg Mountain Resorts, explains: “The Ronachers have an unbelievable feeling for rooms, for placing objects with architectural pleasantly clear and streamlined shapes and proportions in the landscape. Houses designed by the Ronachers are never top-modern, but will also never get old or unfashionable."

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"Architecture must serve humans first and foremost..."

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