Alessandro Marchi alias Sandy
Snowboard maker

Handmade snowboards with very special shapes are the passion of this Italian at Nassfeld. This is where he has his lab.

It was back in 1983 as then 9-year old Alessandro watched ”Apocalypse Snow", a film that showed the snowboard in its then known shape for the first time. The mono-ski was in vogue at the time. This triggered, in the then still young Alessandro Marchi, the wish to get such a board one day. And this wish came true soon afterwards. The love for this sports device has remained to this day. He spent every free minute on his beloved board. Until 2001, he also participated as pro in many competitions, and he was active as coach until 2004. Alessandro started building boards in 1999 already.
Following the usual challenges at the beginning, an own brand developed over time. Sandy now makes up to 800 boards a year near Udine. He learned from the best like Lucio Cecotti or Lui Holzinger. His know-how of the art of gluing, of the right wood and of course the importance of the right shape has become part of him. This results in boards which are used and appreciated by snowboarders across the world. Aim is to produce the same feeling on the snowboards as it would be when riding a surfboard, hence the unusual shape of the boards. Alessandro is able to perfectly meet the various requirements of snowboarders with his wide range of boards.
Apart from the shape, optimal gluing of the wood is also important for the flexibility of the boards, and this has been perfected by Sandy over the years. Besides the masterly worked snowboards, Alessandro, born in Trieste, now also makes and sells skis and wetsuits. His product range reflects his love for board sports that runs through his veins. He has deliberately opted for Nassfeld as his domicile for winter. He started there as snowboard coach and instructor in 1999. Today, he develops his boards and works on new shapes and prototypes here. His is loyal to Nassfeld because he has seen so many other resorts across the world. Nassfeld is snow-reliable and the people in charge have an open mind when it comes to new ideas and projects. For someone who travels a lot like him, Nassfeld is perfect and easy accessible, so Sandy, ”the shaper".

Various shapes for special requirements are his speciality.

Nassfeld ski area

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"He learned from the best like Lucio Cecotti ..."

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