From self-service stations to bike repair shops

Servicing your bike in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region

Professional bike repair shops or convenient self-service stations: Sooner or later, you might require some support or replacement parts for your bike. In the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region, you can rely on comprehensive services for bikers. Sport Sölle bike centre in Tröpolach boasts concentrated passion and extensive know-how on the bicycle sport. Near the valley station of the Millennium Express cable car, you’ll also find a self-service bike wash station. And if you’re out and about on the R3 Gailtal cycle route, there are several self-service stations along the trail.

Family tip: The GailtalBauer adventure farm and its farm shop and veggie fields are the perfect location for a little break during your tour with the whole family.

Sport Sölle bike centre

The bike specialist in the Nassfeld region

You’re exploring the Nassfeld region by bike? Whether you need repair services, replacement parts, lessons, a private guide or some help with route planning: Sport Sölle offers comprehensive expert support in all matters relating to the bicycle sport.

The “small” service check already goes a long way:

  • safety check
  • testing and adjusting of the brakes, gear shift and tyre pressure
  • wear inspection and oiling of the chain


Other services include:

  • bleeding or refilling hydraulic disc brakes
  • exchanging the chain or sprocket cluster
  • centring the wheels
  • bike assembly
  • cleaning the bike
  • mounting rear racks, attaching child transporters or installing bike computers

Technique training and guided bike tours

Besides the services directly relating to your bike, Sport Sölle also offers various courses and training lessons. Perfect for those who want to improve their skills and technique – whether that’s learning the MTB basics or practicing riding on flow trails ... Another convenient service: guided bike tours. Let the local pros accompany you on your tour of exploration in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region! You can choose from two options: hiring a private guide or going on a guided MTB trial tour.

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Bike service stations in the Bike World

Your bike’s chain came loose? One of the tyres burst? The brakes are malfunctioning? From Hermagor to Venzone, you’ll be helped at the following locations:

Rental & service stations along the R3, R3A and R3B bicycle routes

Manfred Essl
9620 Hermagor, Villacher Straße 6
Phone: +43 (0) 4282 2418
Bikeparadies Härle
9620 Hermagor, Obervellach 48
Phone: +43 (0) 4282 2010
Sport Sölle
Tröpolach 155, 9631 Jenig
Phone: +43 (0) 4285 7100
Gasthof Michal
Goderschach 8, 9634 Kirchbach
Phone: +43 (0) 4284 431
Kirchbach 195, 9632 Kirchbach
Phone: +43 (0) 4284 25150
Alpencamp Kötschach-Mauthen
9640 Kötschach 284
Phone: +43 (0) 4715 429
Intersport Alpensport
9762 Weissensee, Techendorf 15
Phone: +43 (0) 650 7301856
Hotel Arlberger Hof Vital
9762 Weissensee, Gatschach 47
Phone: +43 (0) 4713 2280

Rent anywhere – return anywhere: Based on this motto, the PAPIN bike rental system gives you limitless freedom, mobility and flexibility. Start your tour anywhere – and if you run out of steam, you can just return your rental bike at the nearest rental station and then take public transport back to your accommodation.

Service stations

Naturbad Vorderberg
9614 Vorderberg 126

Servicestationen Alpe Adria (Radweg Italien)

IT - Tarvisio  
Hotel Edenhof
Via Armando Diaz 13, 33018 Tarvisio
Phone: +39 (0) 0428 40081
IT - Pontebba  
Pizzeria Pontafel
Via G. Mazzini 61, 33016 Pontebba
Phone: +39 (0) 0428 91106
IT - Venzone  
Albergo Ristorante Da Michele
Via Pontebbana 20, 33010 Venzone
Phone: +39 (0) 0432 985045

As you can see: In the Bike World, you can look forward to comprehensive support – not only with planning your route but also in case your bike needs repair.

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