A whole season of sun and snow in Carinthia

Season tickets for nassfeld ski resort

Nassfeld ski resort and the family ski resorts of Weissbriach and Kötschach-Mauthen: three ski resorts, one season ticket! Savour the sunniest slopes of Carinthia throughout the whole winter season – simple, fast and flexible.

Season ticket (Nassfeld incl. Weissbriach and Kötschach-Mauthen)** Presale
(early October 2020 - 8 Dec 2020)
(from 8 Dec 2020)
Season adult (born 1956 - 2001) 476,- 514,-
Saison U25 (born 1995) 429,- 463,-
Season youth (born 2002-2005) 357,- 386,-
Season senior citizens (1955 and older) 429,- 463,-
Season children (born 2006 - 2014) 238,- 257,-
Bambini (born 2015) 70,- 70,-
Senior citizen (born 1945) 200,- 200,-

** incl. night skiing and ski service voucher

Family season ticket for Nassfeld ski resort

Exploring the ski resorts of Nassfeld, Weissbriach and Kötschach-Mauthen with your family? Throughout the season and at a great price? Thanks to the family season ticket, that’s entirely possible!

Family bonus - FAMILY SALE (Nassfeld + Weissbriach + Kötschach)* FAMILY SALE (from Oct- 20 Nov 2020)
Adults (born 1956 - 2001) 417,-
Youth (born 2002 - 2005) 313,-
Children (born 2006 - 2014) 191,-
Bambini (born 2015) 0,-

FAMILY SALE conditions:

  • Families (parents and all children born after 2002) have to live in the same household (proof required).
  • At least 3 ski tickets must be purchased at the same time (at least one of which for a parent).
  • You only buy 4 tickets and get the 5th and any subsequent ones (only children’s tickets) for free. In case of adolescents, FAMILY SALE prices apply.
  • Children below the age of 6 (born 2015 and after) do not count as persons in the family package. Instead, they receive a free Bambini ticket when at least 3 FAMILY SALE ski tickets are purchased at the same time.

Topskipass” for 31 ski resorts in Carinthia and East Tyrol

Swooshing down the slopes of 31 great ski resorts, throughout the whole winter season – that’s easy with the “Topskipass” ticket! The season ticket encompasses 24 ski resorts in Carinthia and seven ski resorts in East Tyrol – and it’s available at a great price!

Single ticket TOPSKIPASS - SEASON Presale
(1 Sept 2020 - 3 Dec 2020)
(from 8 Dec 2020)
Adults (born 1956 - 2001) 610,- 642,-
Youth (born 2002 - 2005) 458,- 482,-
Children (born 2006 - 2014) 305,- 321,-

All prices are subject to change. Guests must appear in person at the lift office and present a valid photo ID in order to receive a discounted lift pass. Adults: born 1956-2001; youths: 2002-2005; children: 2006-2014; seniors: born 1955 and before. Bambini: born 2015 and after. OAPs: born 1946 and before. Disabled persons with at least 60% disability will receive the children's rate upon presentation of a valid diability card. A deposit of €5.00 is charged for the electronic lift pass. This deposit will be refunded to the holder if the card is returned in working order.
Information about ”Photocompare“ in accordance with § 24, DSG 2000 (Data Protection Act): Please note that for the purpose of access control an initial reference photo of the lift ticket holder is taken when passing the camera installed at the turnstile for the first time. The staff at the lifts will check this reference photo with the photos taken every time you pass a turnstile equipped with a camera. The reference photo will be deleted immediately at the time the validity of the lift ticket expires. All other photos taken will be deleted 30 minutes after passing through the respective turnstile. Please note that it is possible to purchase technically configured lift tickets so that no photo will be taken when passing through a turnstile. However, spot checks will be carried out by the staff at the lifts.

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