Lake Wörthersee and Schilcher Wine Route

Level of difficulty: Medium
  • 321.3 km
  • 5 h
  • 339 vm
    Lowest elevation
  • 1648 vm
    Highest elevation
  • 4932 vm
  • 4929 vm

Lake Wörthersee and Schilcher Wine Route

Velden - Maria Wörth - Klagenfurt - Ferlach - Abtei - Sittersdorf - Bleiburg - Lavamünd - Soboth - Eibiswald - Deutschlandsberg - Hebalpe - Preitenegg - Twimberg - Klippitztoerl - Guttaring - Althofen - Hochosterwitz - St. Donat - Magdalensberg - Maria Saal - Klagenfurt - Pörtschach - Velden


Starting in Velden, follow the southern shore of the largest and most well-known “swimming pool” in Carinthia, Lake Wörthersee, where you will reach Maria Wörth with its famous peninsula and church after a few kilometres. Continue via Reifnitz as far as Klagenfurt, turn onto Südring there. On the B 91, continue to Ferlach and into the peaceful Rosental Valley, and follow the B 85 to the east. A short ascent up to the village of Abtei will give you the first taste of the curves to come. At the end of this small pass you can visit the Wildenstein Waterfall near Gallizien or go further on via Sittersdorf to Bleiburg, which is well known as the birthplace of the artist Kiki Kogelnik. At Lavamünd, a wonderful, winding road leads up to the Soboth Mountain (1,349 m) – this route is very popular with bikers and has some phenomenal scenery. From here on you are in Styria. The numerous vineyards cannot be missed. From Eibiswald to Deutschlandsberg the route follows the Schilcher Wine Route, named after the rosé wine which is typical of this region. Via Deutschlandsberg continue to the Hebalm Mountain (1,380 m) and via Preitenegg back to Carinthia. At Bad St. Leonhard turn off to the Klippitztörl, which is the highest pointof this tour at 1,644 m altitude. The route then follows a long descent down to the Görtschitz Valley. Via Guttaring the route continues south across the Krappfeld, Carinthia’s “granary”. At Launsdorf you will pass Hochosterwitz Castle and, via St. Donat, you can reach the Zollfeld area (Herzogstuhl stonechair), where a detour to Mount Magdalensberg (Roman excavations) is recommended. Via Maria Saal (Cathedral) the route leads back to Klagenfurt (old town) and Lake Wörthersee.

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