Aqua Trail

Water lot of fun for all the family!

The Aqua Trail is an adventure walkway wide enough for buggies and pushchairs. The 1.5 km path introduces children to the different types of water in the mountains, with information boards placed at regular intervals to explain fascinating facts such as how dams are built. There is even a real sailing boat perched at 1900m above sea level! The short walking distance, many rest areas and large picnic area next to the reservoir make the Aqua Trail  accessible to children, adults and the elderly. Further highlights include:

What will You expect?

  • splashing water jets
  • fun on trampolins
  • a real boad in the pond
  • child´s playstations
  • and a lot more! 

​​As an enlargement of the Aqua Trail  there was put on the "Dolce Vita Way".
About the comfortable loop road you´ll reach over Italy back to the starting point "Madritschenkofel".

Tip: The sight of the mountain scenery you enjoy with a ride in the mountaincoaster "Pendolino" which also starts on the top terminal of the Madritsche.

Drive comfortably with the Millennium-Express on top of the Nassfeld and experience the beautiful panorama on and around the AquaTrail - with the "+CARD holiday" even FREE!      ( from the 8th June - 29. september 2019)