Your Nassfeld Buddys

Hey you!

We Buddys are fellows, friends, companions and advisors all in one. With us, you'll always have someone on hand to get you back on track when you're on holiday. We'll provide information on the crispiest routes, the tastiest Gailtal Valley Frigga or whether the cap matches the colour of your eyes. We cheer you on and always have a tip or trick up our sleeve. We also keep an eye on the Covid-19 requirements and make sure you return home safe and sound.

In short: We Buddys are there to make your summer holiday at Nassfeld the best of your life.

at the lift

We know that you can only have fun coming down if you get up safely. That's why we make sure that you get on and off the lift unharmed and that you don't hurt yourself unintentionally on the way up. For your safety, we also make sure that all Covid-19 regulations are adhered to.

And if you don't want to go home again, remember - the mountain will still be there tomorrow.

when hiking

We have the full picture and know the mountain like the back of our hand. It doesn't matter if it's about insider tips in the region or if you're in a pickle and need a helping hand. We'll happily tell you a story about nature (or from our youth), answer your questions or tell you where to find the best places for the tastiest liver dumpling soup.

And if you are happy at the end of the day - so are we.


We are real checkers when it comes to enjoying and relaxing. That's why we'll tell you about cool places to eat, cool activities to do and where you can get sunscreen if you've forgotten yours again.

And we make sure your table is clean and there's not a hair in your soup.

I'll tell you how you can safely enjoy your culinary highlight & your accommodation.


We have the know-how and you wear the (cycling) trousers. Finding the right shoe, the coolest bike and the sportiest jacket for you - that's what we do. Because we know: if your hiking boots are pinching, your mood is dimming too.

on the bike

We'll go full throttle with you. We are just as much at home on the mountains and lakes as we are on the routes and trails. This way we make sure that you don't miss any culinary delicacies, fantastic views and, above all, the right turn-off.

We make sure that you get first-hand information about the region and that you don't get left behind because of a breakdown.

Find & book

What do you want to discover?