Kayak Adventure

Where the untamed nature of the Gail river delights kayak fans

The Gail river is known as a scenic and white water gem. Because here in the Lesachtal Valley, Europe’s most environment-friendly valley, the river flows naturally without any interference. Kayak fans get the opportunity of a sensational journey on a unique river, which is one of the last unspoiled and therefore one of the most attractive in the Alps.

The Gail river is one of the last unspoiled rivers in Europe. Being out and about on this distinctive canyon route, you will see no civilisation for hours!

promises Peter “Pedro“ Unterluggauer

Surrounded by 2700 m high mountains, the secluded river runs mainly through a deep canyon. The villages and the road are located high above the river. That is why accessing the river is only possible at a few road bridges.

To guarantee safety, we have been checking the route and cutting off any windthrows for over 20 years. However, the situation can change after any thunderstorm. That is why it is important that kayakers always have daily updated information!

, says Mr Unterluggauer who updates the website every day

Because melted snow flows into the Gail river, the months of May and June are ideal for kayakers. But depending on snowmelt and rain, conditions can also be perfect throughout the summer.

Partner companies guarantee perfect infrastructure

Accommodation providers from Maria Luggau to Kötschach-Mauthen are specially prepared for the requirements of kayakers. They are not only conveniently located but also offer transfer services, drying rooms, sauna and much more.