Cross-border bike adventures

Once they were old hiking and smuggler trails. In recent years, they have been rediscovered and expanded to natural singletrack. Many of the eleven trails (8 Nassfeld + 3 Weissensee) on Nassfeld run cross-border in Italy and Austria. That makes them not only scenic, but also in terms of retreats twice as enjoyable!

From the simple "Easy Way" to the challenging "Chri" or "Yannick Trail" - there is something for every skill level.


NEW Flow Trail "MEX-Line I"
Bikers have a new flow trail available from summer, which leads from the Gmanberg back to the valley station.

The new over 4 km long flow trail leads from the Gmanberg in 1012 m above sea level via the first section of the Millennium Express gondola lift to Tröpolach in 614 m above sea level. The convenient gondola lift is available for the uphill ride. The flow trail leads across forest and meadow passages and includes banked curves and jumps - so calles "tables". 


Flowtrail - NASSFELD Route 1

3.9 km | 0:18 h | Difficulty: Easy

Der neue über 4 km km lange MTB Flow Trail „MEX – Line 1“ erstreckt sich  vom Gmanberg auf 1044 m, der 1. Sektion des Millennium-Express, bis...


"BIKEworld of Mountains"

11 single trails, eight of them at Nassfeld as well as a new flow trail "the Surfline" in Tröpolach and three single trails at Weissensee - the TRAILworld of Mountains is constantly growing and will continue to develop in the future. 
All trails are accessible via bike routes, but above all comfortably with the summer mountain railways, both at Nassfeld and Weissensee.




Nassfeld Singletrail - Snake

0.8 km | 0:3 h | Difficulty: Easy


Nassfeld Singletrail Yannick

1.4 km | 0:40 h | Difficulty: Easy

This single trail starts just below the Madritschen chairlift. The first 100 m are accomplished along the ”Livio Trail“.


Nassfeld Singletrail Livio

2.8 km | 0:30 h | Difficulty: Easy

Our main trail around the Madritschen chairlift. Beautiful landscape and link to other trails.


Nassfeld Singletrail - Cross Way 1

0.3 km | 0:3 h | Difficulty: Easy

Wer den „Yannick-Trail“ in Angriff genommen hat und doch zurück nach Österreich bzw. auf den „Livio“ oder „Easy Way“ Trail abzweigen...


Nassfeld Singletrail Chri

2.1 km | 0:25 h | Difficulty: Easy

On the “Chri Trail“, you accomplish the first 200 m along the “Livio Trail“.


Nassfeld Singletrail Italy

4.3 km | 0:40 h | Difficulty: Medium

The trail starts there where the ”Livio Trail“ ends, thus directly at the shores of Lago Pramollo (Lake Nassfeld).


Nassfeld Singletrail "Easy Way"

3.6 km | 0:16 h | Difficulty: Easy

Nomen est omen. Starting at the Madritsche upper terminus, you take the easiest way in direction Nassfeld Pass by – well, using the ”Easy...


Nassfeld Singletrail Fausto

1.2 km | 0:5 h | Difficulty: Easy

To get to the “Fausto Trail“, you start at the Madritschen chairlift upper terminus and accomplish the first part of the ”Livio Trail“.