Dreaded and greedy bacon thief

The Speckwutz is a dreaded and notorious bacon thief. His hidden dwelling is high up on the Madritsche. There is a contorted tree that looks like a gate. This tree holds, invisible to the untrained eye, an entrance that leads into the subterranean rock cellars of the Madritschen Goblin.

Driven be constant hunger, he restlessly climbs into the valley or he uses he smuggled supplies of the Pramollo Wild Bunch to whom he is a thorn in their side.

Here is where the Speckwutz has hoarded a big supply of the best pieces of bacon from the Gailtal Valley. But those flitches of bacon – hanging from the cave ceiling, smelling so wonderfully smoky – are his precious treasure, his pride and joy.

TIP: Visit the Aqua Trail and find the goblin’s hideout!


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