Lift & Bike Giro

Take the lift up, ride your bike down!

The bottom station of the "Millennium Express" lift in Tröpolach is the starting point for a unique MTB adventure which begins with a journey up to the top of the mountain using the state-of-the-art cable car. After arriving at the top, it is time to get off and take your bike with you in preparation for the 11.7 km descent back into the valley along a gravel trail requiring a good level of fitness and upper-arm strength. On the way down through the Carnic Alps you will pass a series of eye-catching rock formations as well as flora and fauna typical of the region.


Important! While the Lift & Bike Giro is not a downhill trail, it is also not appropriate for children.

All mountainbike riders with at least a little experience will have no problem mastering the Lift & Bike Giro. Riders who wish to improve their technique on two-wheels before taking on the Giro can contact NTC Sport Sölle, a local MTB centre that offers bike-handling courses. Bikes can also be hired at the bottom station of the cable car. And if the Lift & Bike Giro isn't enough to satisfy your appetite for kilometres, why not explore some of the other 31 trails in the Nassfeld region?

Sport Sölle  

9631 Tröpolach 155

Bottom station of "Millennium Express" cable car

+43 4285 / 7100


Mountainbiking break in the mountains of Nassfeld
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"Lift & Bike Giro"

16.2 km | 4:52 h | Difficulty: Easy

Von der Tressdorfer Alm aus fahren Sie in Richtung Madritschen Bergstation. Von dort führt der Bikegiro über einen Schotterweg über 11,7 km...