Magic Moments in the GeoPark Karnische Alpen

Guided daily schedule

Discover the magic daily schedules of the GeoPark Carnic Alps with it´s visitor´s centre in Dellach/Gail. For example, with "the history of the Earth encouncer the Gailtaler Alm Cheese" and the breathtaking deep inspection. A a family highlight serves the treasure-search in the fossilized wood in Laas.

from € 51
Day programme: "the Bread and Morende Trail"

Feeling of happiness and culinary delights along the Bread and Morende Trail

from € 18
Day programme: Geology meets Gailtal Valley Alpine Cheese

Guided Geotrail hiking tour with culinary highlight!

GeoPark Carnic Alps: Children participating in a daily tour
from € 23
Day program: Treasure hunt in a petrified primeval forest

Dive into magical moments in the region of the Carnic Alps.