Additional services

from € 28
Lesachtal corn

Lesachtal corn and watermills in Maria Luggau in the Lesachtal valley

from € 79
Treasure in the furnace

Workshop in the Almwellness-Resort Tuffbad

from € 75
Lesachtal natural sourdough bread

Lesachtal natural sourdough bread – baked using grain and natural sourdough.

from € 35
Lesachtal mountain herbs

Lesachtal mountain herbs – harvesting and cooking with the spiced mountain herbs.

from € 45
From organic hay milk to cheese

From organic hay milk to cheese – making butter and cheese with a mountain farmer.

from € 25
Lesachtal honey

Traditional honey production by the beekeepers of the Lesachtal valley

from € 30
Lesachtal poppies

Traditional cultivation and use in the Lesachtal valley.

from € 45
Celebrated Slow Food indulgence

Celebrated Slow Food indulgence with grocer and Slow Food pioneer Ertl in Kötschach-Mauthen

from € 75
Slow Food bread baking

Baking corn baguettes and bread rolls with a baker.

from € 75
Cooking up a bowl of happiness

Cooking with Slow Food chefs Sissy and Stefanie Sonnleitner in Kötschach-Mauthen.

from € 25
Brewing beer in the Gailtal valley

Visiting the Loncium brewers in Kötschach-Mauthen

from € 25
Gailtal white corn

From the corn field to polenta: harvesting and processing at the Brandstätter farm

from € 50
Gailtal Alpine butter

Making butter at the traditional Bischofalm in the Carnic Alps

from € 45
Pasta-making experience

Make your own Carinthian pasta at the Slow Food guesthouse in St. Daniel

from € 45
Fragrant tasty treats

Delicious tasty treats for the nose and palate served up at the Biohotel in St. Daniel.

from € 55
Mature is half way there

Making cheese with raw milk at the Zankls in St. Daniel

from € 28
Honey from the Gailtal valley

From the pollen to the purest natural product: out and about with a beekeeper.

from € 35
Making your own Lissi’s farmhouse ice-cream

Watch the farmer at work making her ice-cream

from € 35
Terrific tubers

Understanding potatoes – a wide range of flavours derived from potatoes

from € 38
Pigging out

Curing the delicious ‘Weinspeck’ bacon at the Lerchenhof farm in Hermagor

from € 35
Slow Food finger food from the farm garden

Simple creations to make at home

from € 27
The power of the pan

Preparing the original Carinthian ‘Frigga’ egg dish at the Nassfeld-Alm

from € 75
Summer in a glass

Boiling and pickling with the ‘green award-winning chef’ in Hermagor

from € 15
Child’s play cookery

Cookery courses for children by Lake Weissensee

from € 21
Southern sunrises

Getting to know winter from a different side.

from € 34
Hiking tour to the “Stars of the Alps“

Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health. - Sebastian Kneipp-

from € 25
Day programme: Geology meets Gailtal Valley Alpine Cheese

Guided Geotrail hiking tour with culinary highlight!

GeoPark Carnic Alps: Children participating in a daily tour
from € 23
Day program: Treasure hunt in a petrified primeval forest

Dive into magical moments in the region of the Carnic Alps.