Cabbage creations!

Every first Sunday in October

The Gailtal, Gitschtal and Lesachtal Valleys have made a name for themselves with their traditional food fairs. One of these is the Cabbage Fair, which takes place in the Gitschtal Valley every first Sunday in October. As well as cabbage creations, visitors can enjoy other specialties from the region prepared by chefs from the valley. However, as the name implies, the main focus is on cabbage in all its many forms: sausage served with sauerkraut, cabbage pizza, cabbage lasagne, cabbage strudel, cabbage goulash, cabbage with dried bacon – or simply cabbage as a side dish! Come along and find out more about the many different options available with this most diverse of ingredients. The Cabbage Fair is the largest food fair in the Gitschtal Valley and sees the whole region decorated to celebrate the occasion.