Gailtåler MundÅrt. 

Food, tradition and culture in the Gailtal Valley


"Gailtål MundÅrt" stands for top-quality local produce and the art of enjoying traditional food from the the Gailtal Valley."

In today's age of fast food and globalisation, we in the Nassfeld region are proud of our long heritage of working the land in a sustainable way, preserving the natural resources we have for future generations. The Gailtaler Speck dried bacon and the Gailtaler Almkäse mountain cheese are still made the same way as they were centuries ago and are today recognised as regional products of exceptional quality by the European Union. Here in the south of Carinthia, on the border to Italy, "Gailtåler MundÅrt" means a unique fusion of different cooking cultures!

Gailtåler MundÅrt

Dried bacon, cheese & many more delicacies from local producers


The beautiful natural surroundings we have been blessed with are the basis for everything we do here in the Gailtal Valley. That goes for food as well, including the Gailtaler Speck bacon, sausages, and Gailtaler Almkäse cheese. Just as important as using natural ingredients is our approach to working with local producers in the valley, which is based on fair and transparent conditions that benefit everyone – even the animals, who enjoy five-star living conditions!


This tradition, passion and attention to detail is reflected in the taste of the food we produce.  Highlights that have made the Gailtal Valley famous throughout Austria and beyond include the golden yellow mountain cheese, the dried bacon with its deep red meat and snow-white layer of fat, and the tasty dried sausages prepared according to a traditional recipe. These are just a few of the delicious snacks that visitors should try while on holiday in the region. Many can be bought in nearby shops and taken back home as a tasty souvenir of Nassfeld.


This good, honest local food is just as good for a picnic in the mountains as it is for an elaborate dinner at home with friends. Experience the taste of the Gailtal Valley on holiday with us!

Traditional taste. Stunning scenery.

  •        Taste the Gailtal Valley

"Gailtåler MundÅrt" stands for a certain joie de vivre that you can taste in every product from this beautiful region. Sustainable farming methods, responsible use of land and the unique climate between the Adriatic and the Alps create the ideal conditions for top-quality produce. We look forward to helping you discover the great food available in this corner of Carinthia.


  •       Dried bacon that melts in your mouth

Gailtaler Speck dried bacon and Gailtaler Almkäse cheese have been recognised as products of exceptional quality by the European Union. Other highlights include sausages, spreads, bread, vegetables and honey from the region. Each of these delicious specialties is made with passion and attention to detail, from the lush green pastures high up in the mountains to the farms down on the valley floor. That is "Gailtåler MundÅrt"!


  •      Partnerships with local producers

It is the farmers, dairy farmers, butchers, gardeners and many other producers who make the Gailtal Valley a hotbed of organic food. They plant, harvest, produce and prepare according to the strictest rules. They are the best in the region – and that is the guarantee for top-quality produce.


  •      Gailtåler MundÅrt, I love you!

The owners of resaurants and traditional guesthouses in the region play an important role in maintaining the Gailtal Valley's reputation for excellent food. From cold platters featuring the award-winning dried bacon and cheese to avant-garde recipes fusing the flavours of the Adriatic, every dish they create in their kitchens is a declaration of love to what we call "Gailtåler MundÅrt".


  •      Working together

Farmers, hotel owners, traders and guests all form part of a community that characterises what the Gailtal Valley is all about – good food and good company.

The GailtålBauer - the "Live Farm Experience" in Kirchbach

Who would like to know how a modern farm works, where the milk comes from and how cheese is made? The GailtålBauer farm combines tradition and modernity under one roof– and this is proudly presented here: