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Siebenbrünn Nature Garden

The Siebenbrünner Weide is a large area that is home to an exceptionally diverse range of animals and plants. It combines areas of half-dry meadows with sections of swamp-like wetlands. At its heart lies the lowland moor in the shadow of the Gaisrücken ridge, a natural habitat for many plants on the Red List of endangered species such as the marsh gentian, the marsh helleborine orchid and the carnivorous long-leaved drosera.

There is an information board at the entrance to the Siebenbrünn Nature Garden explaining the most important and rarest plants and animals to be found in this biotope measuring around 50 hectares.

Biotop Sieblerbad

Das Biotop Sieblerbad ist ein künstlich angelegter Teich, nord-westlich der Ortschaft Matschiedl, in einer kleinen Lichtung gebettet. Das Sieblerbad liegt in 980 m Seehöhe im Waldgürtel der Gailtaler Alpen und ist ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel.