Cafe Zapfsäule-Brandner-Turmöl Tankstelle

Walter manages the shop and the café of the Turmöl petrol station. The petrol station is known for its all-round service! From fuel to lightbulb replacement, oil and air pressure check to attaching snow chains, everything is done here. The shop offers a wide range of products from magazines to drinks, snacks or ice cream. A good cup of coffee or many other drinks after a long drive offers the café next door. Snacks are also on the menu!

Contact & how to find us

The Café Zapfsäule-Brandner-Turmöl petrol station in Tröpolach is located directly at the Nassfeldstraße (B90). 

Cafe Zapfsäule-Brandner-Turmöl Tankstelle

9631 Tröpolach

Tel.: +43 699 13030003