Horseback-riding and horse-drawn sleigh

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse

Horseback-riding is not just a sport; it’s a way of life! It is a nature adventure with a special kick, high in a saddle and being one with the movement of a living creature which is so powerful that you can feel the force beneath the saddle while passing through a beautiful landscape – just like a dream. Anyone who prefers a more leisurely pace can comfortably lean back in a carriage or horse-drawn sleigh and enjoy this unique experience to the full. A wonderful experience in summer and in winter!

Our offer for horseback-riding and horse-drawn sleigh: 

Contacts for horseback-riding and horse-drawn sleigh: 
Reiterhof Schneider
Martina Gratzer 
St. Daniel 7 
9635 Dellach 
Tel.: +43 4718/402, 
+43 650/2610793 

Reiterhof Wulfenia
Marina Kalt
Möderndorf 10
9620 Hermagor
Tel.: +43 664/9129118

Gasthof Michal in Goderschach
Tel.:  +43 4284 431
Reiterhof Einetter am Stöfflerberg
Tel: . + 43 4284 20817
Noriker Haberle
Familie Haberle
Sussawitsch 14
9623 St. Stefan im Gailtal
Tel.: +43 650 48 60 609
Pferdehof Rupitsch
Anna-Lena Rupitsch
Neusach 87
Tel.: +43(0)664-1619933