Icy water and fascinating rocks

Over the course of many millennia, the Garnitzenbach stream has carved a 4 km canyon through the mountains of the Canric Alps. This canyon, known as the "Garnitzenklamm", is today 10,000 years old and one of the most spectacular attractions in the Nassfeld region.

The sheer rockfaces and rushing stream form the ideal backdrop to a relaxing day trip, especially during the hot summer months. The canyon, which is clearly signposted, lies near the village of Möderndorf (2.5 km south of Hermagor) and popular with families and nature enthusiasts thanks to its large sitting area with direct access to the stream.

Hands-on geology experience
The "Garnitzenklamm" is the result of a structural fault in the Carnic Alps that allowed the water to carve a deep hole in the mountain at its weakest point. Its formation was also aided by the large amounts of melt water and stone deposits that swept through the canyon and on into the valley during the most recent Ice Age. Visitors interested in geology should visit the Geotrail Garnitzenklamm.

Explore the "Garnitzenklamm" canyon

Route 1
Starting at the canyon entrance, cross the first and second sections and follow the "Steinwenderweg" trail as far as path 410. Return via Sankt Urbani to Möderndorf (approx. 2 ½ hours).

Route 2
Walk from the canyon entrance to the end of the third section, then take the forest road as far as path number 410. Return via St. Urbani to Möderndorf (approx. 3 ¾ hours).

Route 3
Walk through all four sections of the canyon right to the end (approx. 2 ½ hours). Return along the same route using the variations described in Route 1 or Route 2 to reach Möderndorf (total time approx. 5 hours).

Route 4
Walk through all four sections of the canyon right to the end (approx. 2 ½ hours) and continue for around an hour until you reach the Kühweger Alm hut. From there you can return either a) along the road leading to the hut and then on path number 410 via St. Urbani to Möderndorf (2-3 hours), or b) on path number 410 via the Kühweger Törl and Watschiger Alm hut (with meadows full of wulfenia flowers) to Nassfeld (approx. 2 ½ hours).

Route 5
Walk through all four sections of the canyon right to the end (approx. 2 ½ hours) and then via the Garnitzenalm hut, Garnitzentörl and Watschiger Alm to Nassfeld (3-4 hours).


The best connection

Departure Hermagor Hbf to the Garnitzenklamm: 8:23 am
Call bus: Registration ohne hour before departure: +43 644 88 611 685

Departure Nassfeld: 5:23 pm
Arrival Hermagor Hbf: 6:22 pm
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