Karnischer Höhenweg

Long-distance hiking on the "Trail of Peace"

.. is a unique experience for hikers, climbers, geologists and lovers of nature. Its diversity makes it one of Europe’s most beautiful long-distance hiking trails. The route between Sillian and Thörl-Maglern leads along the ridge of the Carnic Alps at the border between Austria and Italy. The trail is around 150 km long and leads through a scenic and very beautiful and diverse area. The diversity of the mountain shapes is due to the complex geological structure of the Carnic Alps. Interesting geo trails in the Carnic Alps GeoPark can be found along the route. 

Nothing is more relaxing than a holiday faraway from constant availability. Escape everyday life, switch off your mobile phone, feel the freedom along this Path of Peace and be taken in by the absolute silence!

This trail leads along the border between Austria and Italy, past old military posts dating back to the First World War. The "Karnischer Höhenweg" (KHW 403), also known as the "Friedensweg" ("Peace Trail"), follows the contours of the Karnischer Kamm mountain ridge that divides Austria and Italy, starting in the town of Sillian and ending after 150 km in Arnoldstein. One of the attractions of this long-distance hiking trail is the highly diverse landscape it traverses, including the complex geological forms of the Carnic Alps.

The section east of the Plöckenpass is a bit longer and boasts a gentle landscape of hills with vast alpine meadows and easy hiking mountains. West of the Plöckenpass extends the alpinistically more interesting part along the highest summits of the Carnic Ridge.

There are several proposed stages and it is almost always possible to descend from the long-distance hiking trail.

The long distance trail in 8 stages: 

On the tracks of history: Kleiner Pal with open-air museum on the summit

The First World War has left its marks in the Carnic Alps. In no other section of this mountain range along today’s border between Italy and Austria is history as present as in the area around the Passo di Monte Croce/Plöcken Pass (1357 m).

The reconstructed trenches, emplacement buildings, tunnels and other frontier buildings of the open-air museum about the war in the mountains convey the situation of the two war parties Italy and Austria-Hungary back then with every step on the vast mountain ridge of the Kleiner Pal in around 2000 metres above sea level. In the narrowest of spaces and between the rugged rock formations, soldiers were facing each other directly within hand grenade throwing-distance.

The hiking tour to the Kleiner Pal leads along the Carnic High Route. Plan plenty of time for this tour to historic sites – a whole day passes quickly on this “journey into the past“.

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